Sunday, April 19, 2009

For all of your Hunting Needs

Happy Sunday!

This week I got to go on my first visit to the ER, not for me, but my mom had a block in her feeding tube, so that was an exciting way to spend Friday night xD. I'm so excited to for all of these hunts to be over! I hope you did them, because there are some really fantastic hunts ending today.

Albero, iTutu, and MiaSophia are MUST DO! If you haven't started bunny hop, I feel bad for you :( but try to make a couple of stops, there are some great vendors involved with the hunt. I was also given word by Cutey that we'll be seeing another hunt from her in July! Totally excited to see how that turns out. I was asked to help write on the official blog for her next hunt, so you'll be seeing my there, and there will be lots of preview goodies here!

Whether you've caught up or not, make sure to do the HarajukuBox hunt! The sinDecade skin is just amazing, as well as just about everything else in that hunt, and you have until the 25th! Anyway, have a great week guys, I'm so excited to actually get the hunt list out on time today xD

BOOM - through the 20th
Big Spring Hunt - Through May 15th
Dare Designs - Tentatively through May 1st
Go Fish Hunt -Through the 30th
Grendel's Children Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
HarajukuBox - Through the 25th
Loco Pocos - Through the 30th
Magia Accessories -Ongoing
MALT - Through the 26th
Miriel - Ongoing
Moonstar designs - New Easter hunt
Psychotic Neko
Rayskin Hunt - ongoing
Sn@tch's Condom Quest
Spring is in the Air GW
Starfish Mall - supposed to be over, but a lot of gifts are still out
Tiny Sim - New prize this week! (Horsetail)
Top Designers hunt
Where are the Bunnies hunt - Starts April 20th

Have a good week!


Green Dream said...

This is possibly old-news, but it's a wonderful ongoing hunt: (Miriel) has treasure scattered throughout the sim of its main store, and it's based along a story called The Golden Cage. Information can be found in the shop; unfortunately, if there was a blog post with information about it, Miriel hid it well. :p

Poke me if you guys have any trouble with it! :3

Wrenja said...

ack! God I've known about that hunt forever and ever and always forget about it, thank you :D