Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yur sew Itutu.

Itutu hunt?! That's right kiddies, Itutu is reopening their newly remodeled sim TODAY and to celebrate are having a hunt. You can expect goodies from DP Yum Yum, Den Dou, Kao, Amerie's Naughty, Sey, Find Ash, and Atelier AM. This hunt will last April 5 - 19, so you have two weeks to get your goodies. Below are some of the gifts that were out early. All of them should be able to be found soon enough as we tackled this one prematurely. Also, Itutu has a gift in the Albero hunt Wrenny blogged, but their password wasn't out due to the sim not being open until today.

Top - Kao - Polo Shirt Gray
Photobox - DP Yum Yum - Glow White Studio

Dress - Kao - White Ruffle Dress
Photobox - DP Yum Yum - Glow White Studio
Mug - DP Yum Yum - Bunny Playmug

Hair - Atelier AM - Julie
Necklace - Atelier AM - Candy Ball Neckales

Some of the other prizes in the Itutu hunt are Red Display Boards from Den Dou, Hat+Hair from Find Ash/Uncleweb collab, Ocelot hat and Couples Pillows from Amerie's Naughty, and male and female necklaces from Sey. GO HUNT!


Hempy Weezles said...

omggg that photobooth is awesome and that hair in the last pic!! I've got to have them!

moco said...

I can't seem to find the photo studio in DP YumYum. Any hints? It's so wonderful.

Prudence said...

Last I checked, the apple for the studio was moved to the Bunny Shop.

Big hint! USE the TP boars in front of AN and DP to find the apples!