Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Vasha has newness for you at +DV8+! The new Fatale series, because you can NEVER have enough latex. As usual it comes in about 2340293424 colors, so you're sure to find a set that appeals to your delicate sensibilities!Fatale Blue/Black - 200L

Not only that, but there are special sets hiding in the Lucky chairs, and in the riot vend! The colors in the chairs are the inverse of the sets in the riot vend, which amuses me to no end, so while Aquanaught/black is in the chair, the Black/Aquanaught set is part of the four pack in the riot vend.

To really make things exciting tho, is that there are five items in the store, priced at 5L each! I might or might not be wearing one or more of the items in the pictures shown, but I will say... there is one demonette set for 5L too, but there are like 50+ sets to sift through, so good luck!

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