Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Love [AV] !!

Yesterday I got my [AV] update and I'm LOVING the new Dollarbie of the week! This classic black pencil skirt is a staple every lady needs to have in their wardrobe, paired here with this feminine white top with ruffle sleeve detail and bow. You cannot get much better for 1L! Besides being a very talented designer Adreahna Vlodovic is a good friend, I hope you all go visit her new Mainshop (which is Huge!) and hit up her Subscribo she is so generous and there is always new affordable goodies to be had! In addition there is a new group gift called "Hippie chic" its bright and colorful perfect for spring! Go get it!

If you like the pearls I've paired with my outfit here you can find those at Primalot for only 15L! They are called "Endless pearl necklace" and they are scripted, click them to change the color! There is tons of good deals, dollarbies, freebies, and even some lucky chairs its worth checking out for some really fine accessories! While you are at Primalot you may see a large rose statue the owner has set it in the shop as a tribute to her ill family member. She has asked for people to type "heal" into the local chat while standing near the rose to send positive thoughts and good vibes to her loved one. In return you will receive a lovely cross set as a gift. Its a small gesture, but I feel it could help in a very big way. Our prayers are with you.

The hair pictured is from Philotic Energy its called "Tara" color Auburn. There is a sale going on now with discounts from 25-50% off per color pack! This pack was 25% off hurry before it ends!

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