Friday, April 10, 2009

Time for a jungle crawl!

Hay babies :D

So my mom is finishing up her first week of chemo today, with flying colors I might add! She's been down for the count most of the week, but other than feeling icky and sleeping a lot, she's not really experiencing side effects, which is a relief. I also started spring quarter, so I've been a bit of a mess this week, but its all good!

So Umi Usagi has a couple of new things in the lucky chair, and they are awesome! Perfect for going on adventures, stomping through the jungle or leading your starfleet to victory, all while looking cute, but no-nonsense.
Today I was on a mission to rescue Humpty Dumpty from the accursed Tiki god of Avahomoku Island. What can I say? Mission Accomplished.
Both the ranger outfit and Humpty Dumpty are available in the Lucky Chairs at Umi Usagi, so bring some friends and turn those letters. Oh, you like my helmet? I'm sure you can guess where I got it from. Of course, Hat Mechanic. Its the Medusa helm, and comes with call kinds of fun goggles, cap styles, and ugh, I love it. It retails for 500L.

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