Saturday, April 11, 2009

Looka Mah Panties!

Alphamale & Blacklace set out Easter Eggs this morning, filled with special edition lingerie and the sim has been at full capacity ever since. I managed to sneak in & grab them, so you can have a peak at why you need to get your hands on them too. There are only 4 eggs and they are pretty easy to find, so it's a quickie. Plus - totally FREE!

~Blacklace~ Enchanted: Limited Edition Corset Set

~Blacklace~ Basic Instinct: Yellow Animal Print Bra & Panty Set

This one comes with a prim bow for the base of the corset & back seams on the stockings. Mmm.. back seams...

~Blacklace~ Midnight Affair L.E: Pink Satin Corset Set

And this last one is transferable, so pass it on to your favorite sexy bunneh & have a Happy Easter ;)

~Blacklace Lingerie~ Tangible Dreams L.E : Pink Lace Bra Set

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