Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Pigs sitting in Thimbles.

Have you ever wanted to go on a random spending spree? Random being a key word there... Well now you can! Thimbles and Pig Shop are having a random sale in all of their shops. Randomly selected items in their shops around the grid have been marked down to 25L, some even cheaper. That is quiet a mass of items to sort through but I have made it easier on everyone by listing which locations have which items marked down. For a list, you can IM Prudence Skytower, join our group (In our profiles), or I think Ding from D-list may have sent it out to her readers. So you can certainly get a hold of it. Hempy and I both drop our share of change in the two stores, and had a blast hanging out in our new duds.

The items from Thimbles, and Pig Shop shown in this post are some of what is currently on sale for 25L.

On Pru
Jacket - Thimbles - The Angel of Your Plaid Nightmares Coat - Black
Other - Hair; ETD, Jeans;Zaara, Shoes;ETD

On Hempy
Top - Thimbles - Dollinger - Black
Skirt - Thimbles - Obligatory Leopard Mini Skirt - Caramel
Other - Hair; Kin

On Pru
Top - Pig Shop - Cozy Chenille Sweater - Blue
Other - Hair; ETD, Jeans;Zaara, Shoes;ETD

On Hempy
Top - Pig Shop - Masculine Gingham - Red/White
Skirt - Thimbles - Sveltana Takes The Bus - Black/Red
Other - Hair; Kin, Shoes; Digital Knickers

On Pru
Jacket - Pig Shop - Unisex Jacket - Blue
Shirt - Thimbles - Haltura - Black
Pants - Pig Shop - Unisex Dungarees - Brown
Other - Hair; Aden, Shoes; UBU

On Hempy -
Outfit - Thimbles - Master of Cats - Military Green
Other - Hair; Aden, Belts; Tigerclaw item camp, Shoes; Liquid Candy

On Pru
Top - Thimbles - Cleo At The Cafe - Red/White
Other - Hair; Aden, Jeans; Sn@tch, Shoes; UBU

On Hempy
Sweater - Thimbles - Spring Is A Million Years Away Sweater - Light Green
Shirt - Thimbles - TJ Maxxx Clearence Sextion - Pink
Other - Hair; Aden, Pants; NOP, Shoes; UBU

On Pru
Top - Thimbles - Surely Sharon/Shannon (It's a two pack)
Other - Hair;Aden, Jeans; Zaara, Shoes; Maitreya

On Hempy
Top - Thimbles - Mr. Worthington's Diary - Black
Skirt - Thimbles - Obligatory Leopard Mini Skirt - Dark Grey
Other; Hair; Aden, Shoes; UBU

Photos taken in the DP Yum Yum Photobox, as part of the itutu hunt, and the furniture is from FunkeHeknoM.

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