Monday, April 20, 2009


So I was going to come rip roaring out with a huge aggro HATE post about shitty ass hunts, but group chat got ridiculous and we got off on some insane tangent so I'm in a better mood. I still hate shitty ass hunts, but I'm a little less angry than I was to begin with. I will say this though.

Fuck hunts that are largely clubs/BIAB prizes. From now and into the future, I will not post these on the hunt list, I will not recommend them, as a matter of fact I will inform you of hunts not worth doing. I don't care if it deflates egos, gains me enemies, or whatever, I'm doing you a disservice by not informing you.

Anyway, to celebrate nooby noobs having SL sex0rz, the blog has been renamed for the day. Also, Quiver Quintessa REALLY wants a blingin' winky, so if someone could pass one on to her, she'd be eternally grateful.

One last thing, totally unrelated. In the last week we hit out 1000th post! Totally exciting right? In other news, my Rez day is apparently on the 28th! So on Friday, we're going to be having a party at Lucidity, a 1k/rezday party, and all are invited. There will be a couple of nice gifts from some of my favorite creators on the grid out for you to come claim. As well as raffles and possibly some giftcards flying about! So mark your calenders, the party starts at 5 on friday, with the charming DJ Naga spinnin' beats.

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