Sunday, April 26, 2009


I bring you a few cute and colourful clothes on limited time offers. :3
The tops are from Project Kiwi, two colours with and without broken heart decor.
The leggings are also from Project Kiwi and there's two 1L packs with five colours in each.
They'll be 1L 'till 8PM SLT so hopefully there's still time for everyone. They also still have their Bunny Hop egg out. :3
The shorts you may have seen on a couple of blogs but they're freebies from Aurora and they're limited time too 'till I don't know when but I'm guessing the end of the weekend. x:

P.S.: Thank you SL ankle glitch. x.x

Tops - Project Kiwi - 1L for limited time
Leggings - Project Kiwi - 2 sets, 1L each for limtied time
Shorts - Aurora - Free for limited time

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