Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wildflowers and Hatpins

The other night Elliandra was so excited about "Hatpins day!" as she calls it. The day when the Hatpins group updates and sends her goodies! The new group gift is called "Lady Carrie" it is a rich Burgundy Victorian gown it has lovely textures, lace detailing, and the hat is included. You can join the Hatpin Finery group for a one time fee of 100L. Elliandra was kind enough to model the group gift and tipped me off about a new 5L hat for sale as well which you will see below.I went to Hatpins to help with the Midnight Mania board which was also updated with a new dress called "Lady Flora" Crossing my fingers that it would be in my price range. The MM's lowest price for this chocolaty bit of heaven is only L167!! You must be QUICK tho because the prize doesn't stay for long at all. We missed it once and it shoots right back up to 500+ in no time! Lady Reghan IV - 5L hat
First picture:
Hempy in Hatpins - "Lady Flora" Cocoa Midnight Mania board lowest price 167L
Elliandra in Hatpins - "Lady Carrie" New group gift 100L to join Hatpin Finery group
There is also a clockwork hat in the lucky chair that will match the Lady Flora dress but I couldn't win it in time for this post. :p


jmb said...

You two look adorable. Hatpins is a favourite group of mine too. I have her hats bursting out of my inventory and now she has gowns too.

JMB Balogh in SL.

Hempy Weezles said...

Thank you so much JMB! **HUGS** next time you will have to model with us:)