Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Skins and Some Opinions

I'm not dead, I'm just somewhere between busy and slow. x:
Unfortunately this post may be really long...
The short is that Damiani has a small hunt and a couple of promotional skins out for their new build. You look for red boxes and you buy the spiders near the displays in the underground, I'm farily certain you need to be in the group to buy the female spiders for the drow / goth skins, which costs 250L to join. I don't really know how you get to the underground, I just cam scanned down and sat on things. x:

In a slightly longer version, here's what you'll find and some notes...
I've found four red boxes. I don't know if there's more. Two were for men and two were for women. The men's clothing box contains a nice jacket and the women's contains a yellow gown. The skins are beaten-up skins that they've given out before but I like them a lot so they're getting blogged by me. :3 The skins have tattoos on the backs but they also have a 'D' on the butt in a hand print and 'Damiani' across the feet so might want to keep those parts covered up but for me these parts usually don't show. x:
The drow and gothic / vampire skins are under the main skin store. There's one promo male skin and two for women. I'm fairly certain you need to be in the group to buy the women's for 1L each. The gothic /vampire skin has tattoos on the back and lower back.
This is where I get a bit controversial. x: The women's skins have a barcode with 'Damiani' across the back, butt and lower stomach / area that's usually covered by pants / what is that? I think this could be acceptable if you're just selling to the freebie hoarders that are unlikely to need them or buy from the store although it would make me wonder if they want to give anything away. But if they're set to group only and the fee is 250L then a lot of the members are likely to be regular customers it might be a better idea to gift them something that doesn't have watermarks over it. The male promo is regular buy but the barcodes are on the face and chest making it virtually unusable, unless you wish to be a giant Damiani advert. I'd say it's much more a demo than a promo.
I know Damiani have had a lot of problems with rippers and copybotters but I think they're more likely to rip from demos and full skins than the promos.

I also wish to make an unsightly text wall on an opinion of beaten-up skins. x: I read a blog post on them a few days ago which was very horrified at the idea of people advocating domestic violence. While this is very true, when I see and wear beaten-up skins I think of them more as representing fighter or scrapper characters than having any reference to domestic violence. Unfortunately, Western and youth cultures often accept anti-social behaviour and violence and often it becomes a 'cool' thing, hence a demand for bloodied skins. I guess it's a way of dealing with boredom and stress? Anyway, just another point of view on it, I guess.

Beaten-up skins - Danimai - Free red box hunt
Drow / Gothic skins - Damiani (underground) - 1L promos, group only I would think

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