Thursday, April 16, 2009

My So Called Ornamental Life

Ornamental Life is having a 50% off sale this week! And it couldn't be better timing. The calender says it's Spring, but I swear it just feels like half-assed Winter. Shir Dryke's clothes, though, with their vibrant colors and interesting cuts, make me yearn for warm summer nights by the seaside. So, I hopped on over to my new favorite sim knowhere to soak in some sun, sand & surf.

Bikini - OL Wave Dancer - Surf The Tide - $95L

Shirt - OL Penguins and Wagons - Parrot - $60L

Shirt - OL Proteus Machine - Fuchsized - $60L

Top Layer - OL Back To Basics - Velvet Eve Tee - $100L (fat pack)
Bottom Layer - OL Back To Basics - Darkest Crayon Longsleeves - $100L (fat pack)

This last pic features two layers from the Back to Basics Fat Packs. Filled with a tank, tee, 3/4 sleeve & longsleeve tops, there are so many layering options, these are just mandatory for any wardrobe. And so many yummy colors to choose from, I might just have to go back & get 'em all.


Hempy Weezles said...

aww cute post I love the first pic :)

Narita said...

thanks girlie! :D

okrebecca said...

hai. i miss jared leto as jordan catalano :(

Narita said...

lol ya know i never did watch that show but i used to see that guy wasted every friday night at the tunnel club hanging out in the VIP room with me & the drag queens XD they all drooled - i had no clue who he was XD