Monday, April 20, 2009

To a Teeee

Awhile back Hempy and I were playing with our inventories and she put on one of the most fantastic pseudo Victorian dresses I'd seen on the grid. So began my love affair with ~To a T~. This morning, bleary eyed and slightly irritated I was kind trying to decide if I even wanted to be on the grid this morning as I hopped around, finally stopping in the shop, and looking around. I was excited to see the RFL vendors still up, but when I turned around I saw this.
Purple and springy, with a matching hat, and totally FREE. I fell all over myself. I can't say this is totally new, but I did search around to see if it was covered elsewhere and couldn't find it. I think its new, maybe its not, but I'm sure plenty of you are as excited about it as I am. So go forth and get thee some free Victorian gear, and drop a couple onf RFL vendors while you're there.

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