Monday, April 27, 2009

First Look Reopened! YaY!

First Look at LVS is Back! You will find a wide variety of finely crafted goodies, made specially by Ravenlynn Templar and to be sold to you for next to nothing! I picked my favorites to show you but there are lots of other colors to choose from.
First Look - "Brilliant Sun" in Blue, Tears, and Green. 1L each
Comes with Bikini in Multi layers, And the pants under the skirt work alone too! First Look - "Character Tee's" & "Cheekies panties" loads more to choose from 1L Each!
Toe Socks - Total Betty (not free)

First Look "Summer Heat" Bikini's tons of colors to choose from

I'm showing pink, purple, and tears. 1L each

The hair throughout this post is a group gift from Romi Juliesse skin shop.

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