Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pretty Dress, Broken SL

I've decided SL is broken. For no aparent reason it just decides to stop rezzing textures for me. You can be changing or you can be shopping or hunting and everything just stays blank and fuzzy and clothes refuse to change. I haven't quite figured out how to fix it yet...
But I managed to get an hour of decent rezzing so here's a new dollarbie from Staged for you. x: There are also some freebies that have been previously blogged by other blogs but this one is new to me. :3
And I'm wearing tan skin. o: I seem to have accumulated a couple of cute tan skins recently but I definitely prefer being pale. x:

I think I'm going to move out of the white box and into photoboxes. <3

Dress - Staged - 1L
Skin - Tuli - Group Gift 250L join fee

1 comment:

Kristin Joy said...

Yeah!! I like her stylish look... What a awesome design of this dress!!