Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nushru Elegance

Always fun, flirty and sweet, Nushru dresses, by up-and-coming designer Quiver Quintessa, are quickly becoming a personal favorite. She manages to capture the perfect balance between classic silhouettes and fresh patterns, all with just the right flow and flounce in her skirts.

And guess what? She's having a Fashion Show today & you're all invited! XD

Today, April 18th, there will be 2 shows, one at 12 noon SLT & one at 6pm SLT, at TRAX. I've had a sneak peek at some of the dresses Quiver will be showing today and the girl just gets better and better with every one. And, as an added bonus, she's giving out a FREE dress just for attendees, so don't miss out!

Dress - (Nushru) Blooming in Yellow Kite Prize - FREE (GFAK Hunt Gift)

The Blooming Dress comes with 2 sets of lace glove options and will be available for FREE in the Go Fly a Kite Hunt until April 19th.

Dress - (Nushru) HeartThrob - Purple - $10L

The HeartThrob Dress comes with a black lace shrug to flow into those black lace gloves and there are 2 other color options, also just $10L. At that price, grab 'em all!

Dress - (Nushru) Poinsettia Dress - $250L

The Poinsettia Dress is her first dress. Can you believe it? There's corset lacing up the back & that skirt just moves like a dream.... So gorgeous.

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