Thursday, April 9, 2009

Enjoi your space!

I went to check out U:T:S "Under the Sun" which is a store I love. Nothing is over 100L here you can get the most adorable goods and the quality is suburb. I didn't see anything new but I decided to venture out and explore the new surroundings. Across the way you will find the shop Enjoi there is bunches of affordable furniture, tats, piercings, and skins! I fell in love with this set called "The Nameless furniture set" it is aqua, glowy and everything nice. Less then 50 prims for the entire furniture set (minus the accessories). The furniture is no copy but for only 10L I bought two!Everything you see here Sofa, love seat, coffee table, ottoman, side table, book shelf , and 9 pc. accessories set can be yours for only 10L! OMG did I mention its texture change?? There is even a NC included from the designer offering future assistance if you need pose balls adjustments. There are allot of neat finds here don't forget to hit the subscribo and explore next door if you havnt been to Under the Sun your missing out! We have to support these great designers!
(furniture under 50 prims, accessories total 44 prims)
*rug in pic not included*

This cute cabana also 10L is called "Pip chill box". It includes box structure and pillows together they total 26 prims add the little hanging light another 12 prims.
Find all this at Enjoi

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