Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Called... Eh...

If you've finished Bunny Hop (woo, fourty to go) then you should have already found this store and you probably did what I did and signed-up to the SOM then went through the archives. It makes this post of little use to you but helpful to anyone else. x:

In the notices you'll find a lot of shirts I haven't pictured as well as the skirt, leggings and cardigan.
The blue jacket and jeans are unisex, I would think.
The purple hoodie (featuring brilliant but pesky zipper), jeans and trainers are from the Bunny Hop egg and the second shirt is for men.
There's also a dollarbie in store. SL wouldn't let me buy it but maybe it'll work for you? If it doesn't it maybe broken, I wasn't sure if it was just SL so I didn't IM the owner. x:

I'm pretty pleased I don't actually have to speak to people 'cause I pause every time I tell people our dogs are shih tzus and Fukmi isn't something I want to be telling strangers or even friends. x: Fortunately in SL you have to type so we all know it's word play which makes me slightly happier. :3

O.K., I think I'm going to go hot-foot it around iTutu.

Clothes - Fukmi - Subscriber gifts and Bunny Hop hunt
First shoes by HOC, not free but 30L.
Tattoos by Sn@tch, not free.

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