Friday, April 17, 2009

I dare ya

Morning babies! Today Dare Munroe has added a couple of new gifts to the Easter egg hunt going on in his store, Dare Designs! Four different rings to be claimed hiding all over the store. Now keep in mind, the shot is just for effect, I don't think you could really wear the rings like this, I just didn't want to take 230492834 shots and super impose them all over, and who doesn't like a hand full of rings?When you're done hunting, you should check out the sale over by the lucky chairs! Dare has two different sets in various styles on sale for 50L each! Whether you're feeling sexy or dangerous, there is something there for you, a variety of colors, and different motifs all of 50L, can't complain about that right?

Mmmkay, time to go back to bouncin my behind to MSTRKRFT, you get to go shopping! Have fun.

1 comment:

Trickett Nightfire said...

For the rings, if they're mod, I think you could link them to wear them all at once?
I haven't tried it but it makes sense in my head. x: