Friday, April 10, 2009

Hexed Sale! :D

Which was very nearly called something else and linked to songs. And did anyone else watch Hocus Pocus a lot when they were younger? >.>

But the important thing is Hexed. Everything is 25L, 50L or 75L with fatpacks being 100L-350L from what I saw. The sale ends on the 17th and I'm hoping to go back a few times before it temporarily closes. x:
There's two areas, the more causaul area and at the other side Hexed Alt.
It seems everything in 'causal' Hexed is being discontinued and selected things from Hexed Alt (my guess is the skirts and cinchers) are going on XStreetSL. (I still don't know what it's called.)

Hexed 'Sinner' Horns - 50L
Hexed Gothic Cincher (with Camise) - 50L
Hexed Striped Sleeves - 25L
Hexed Envy Skirt (with belt) - 75L
Hexed Attitude Skirt (with belt) - 75L

Hexed 'Sinner' Horns - 50L
Hexed Gothic Red Riding Hood Costume - 50L
Hexed Runed Wrap Dress - 50L

Hexed 'Sinner' Horns - 50L
Hexed Patches - 50L

And that was all I could afford today. There's demos for almost everything and the full sales come on all layers. :3
And I finally bought the horns I've been looking at since Halloween. Sales instil compulsive shopping. x:

All clothes - Hexed - 25L, 50L, 75L Sale
Skin - Imagen - Lucky Chair
The cuffs are from Sn@tch but I think there's a similar pair in the sale. The boots are from Sinistyle although there are some at Hexed too.