Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope you're sick on candy and nursing a tummy ache! As long as you're hoppin around the grid in your favorite bunny outfit, you're all good! What you don't have one?

Well, the lovely Alexx dropped this nice set on me this morning, its the What's Up, Bunny? set from Reasonable Desires, and for today only its 10L! The belt isn't part of the set, its a piece left over from some other outfit that was probably deleted, but I liked the belt, its from some outfit from Nova Designs.

After you're done there, you should hop over to B&T Atelier because, besides having an obvious love for SinDecade (which I totally support) they have some cute gifts especially for Easter up in their space station! DON'T buy the Easter basket in the store for 10L! If you go up to the space station, you can get it for 1L for TODAY ONLY! Its totally adorable, three different styles of jeans, micro mini shorts, capris and jeans!

While you're there don't forget to grab the three eggs hiding in the space station, for another cute outfit in three pieces. All three eggs are free and hiding up in the space station. Totally easy to find, and a totally cute outfit to boot!

Lemania also has another retirement dollarbie out today, the Lilac set, a simple lilac baby doll, that suits today perfectly. Once again, 1L and only available for today, so you might consider grabbing it agter you're done at B&T!

The Lemania Divine Divas group also has a lot of really cute sets in the notices, these are just two of many. They come with the shoes and everything, and we all know I've always been a fan of Lemania's shoes! And tutu dresses.. anyway. The group is 500L to join, but lots of gifts available to make up for that.

Linen Mini set - Free in Notices

Happy Easter guys, you should send some candy my way, since I haven't really had time to go get any for myself. Maybe I'll sneak into Bartell's tomorrow morning before class and stock up o.o

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