Sunday, April 12, 2009

Moar Eggs?!

If you haven't had enough of the Easter festivities, head over to Malt for the Malt Village egg hunt. A total of twenty stores have placed an egg around the sim, and in each shop you can find the clue (Or as I know you will will, grab the cheat sheet) and collect the goods. Here are a few to entice you.

Top & Jewelry - Hunt Egg from Malt Fashions
Chair - Hunt Egg from Fusion Furniture

Dress - Hunt Egg from Elate!

Panty Set - Hunt Egg from Boom

Posing Egg - Hunt Egg from Mudhoney Designs
Shirt - Hunt Egg from aKai
Shrug - Hunt Egg from M&L
Pants - Hunt Egg from Fear & Clothing

Along with the above are some prim feet from YS&YS (Good luck making these match), yellow boots from Zhao, a dress from Spork, and more! You have until the 26th to find your eggs.

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