Monday, April 13, 2009

The Post It Note Reads: Gone Hunting

I could kick the Easter bunny, if any kind of disfigured, beaten or dead lapine didn't terrify me thanks to a mass exposure of Watership Down when I was younger.
I'm eyeball deep in Easter hunts I haven't finished and getting bored and he didn't bring me any chocolate. ): On the bright side he's paying me a Linden for picking up these SLeggs, which is good 'cause there's some sort of dollarbie explosion going on and I'm spending money by the single suprisingly fast.
But besides the chocolate I don't have, the best thing about Easter is finding pretty things in bright colours.

This cute dress / lingere is from Donna Flora, the designs are pretty different and well done so I think this could be a shop to look out for. :3

Dress / Lingere - Donna Flora - Easter dollarbie

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