Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Relay For Life

As I am sure you may have read in my post about out recent party, that lately, the girls have been coming together to support Wrenny, our head bitch, in her recent event with her mothers health. We love Wrenja dearly, and we have all been there for her, it's obvious you loyal readers have helped just as much. As part of our recent actives with joined up with a RFL team; United Forces Against Cancer, and have some goods we have offered to raise money for the cause. You can find the vendors in the HQ, and I believe Narita has hers in her shop. In due time we may be making more for RFL, but for now, we have up the following;

Narita has put together an inspiring set of simple, and meaningful jewerly. Sister's Guardian charms originally were created in pink settings, to support our fellow women with breast cancer. However in this virtual creation the idea is more general, to show support for anyone who has seen the eyes of cancer. You can buy this set, for 100L.

While my set isn't nearly as elegent, or symbolic as Naritas, I put together a living room set based off of a simple symbol, of enourmous meaning; Strength. The set is done in colors chosen by Wren, the person we are personally supporting. The set includes a scripted couch, two scripted lamps, two wall-art options, a table, and a shelving unit all for only 300L. I also have set up four other vendors in the HQ, for different pieces of the set, for lower prices.

Aside from the items we have creator for RFL, we have a kiosk in the HQ too. If you feel like donating, you can pay any vendor, or kiosk. Just know, it isn't the amount you pay, but the fact that you donated. To me, even one linden count, because it could be the one linden, that rounds up to the next thousanth dollar that has been accumulated.

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