Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clothes and Such

OK! Let's do this thang!

First up, really hot item camp outfit from Discord. 30 mins in a cage will get you this delight. There is also a male outfit item camp too, so make a date of it!

Second, SySy's has this really pretty pink dress as a 1L Valentine's gift. Check behind the stairs :) Also a past dollarbie by the subscribo.

Third, this Greatest Love hunt gift at On the Catwalk. OMG it is so hot. When I found out OTC was releasing clothes as well as skins I was a bit excited, but from what I have seen in this hunt gift, as well as the gift at the L/H HQ, I am now VERY excited.And Sole Sisters also has a gift in the hunt, the second and third pairs of heels shown below. There is also a sale going on in honor of V-Day. 14L will get you any pair of red or pink shoes, including the cute sweater boots I am wearing. Tons of past freebies and dollarbies there as well.OK..and now in marathon blogging fashion, I shall get ready for you some more posts! *phew*

/me breaks out in a blogging sweat

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