Tuesday, February 10, 2009


OK, here are some non skin goodies to find! Weee!

The Copain group (love soul, junwave, etc. joint update group) has even more goodies for us all. LOVE! The joining is closed now so I guess I am really just showing off, but hey, you can always join in a bit and get the next round of joyous goods! (200L to join but frequent gifts of awesomeness). This strawberry bed...how me is this??

The strawberry Junwave hair...two styles...totally me as well.

Cute orange happy face prim nails! If you love them and are sad you aren't in the group to get them, you can always try for the yellow pair that is in the lucky chair! Matching earrings too!

Another cool thing I got to sit in when I tire of my strawberry bed (yeah right, that thing rocks!) is this gift box from the Yome Shoujo update group. There is also a small version, but hey, I go big! Check group notices for the loving.

And now..for clothes!

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