Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LVS Hunt!

The LVS Drive SIM is doing a hunt in honor of..guess what? Valentine's Day! heehe. Look around for pink envelopes that have red hearts on them. Each one costs 1L and has a great prize in it.

Like these boots! So cute! Check out the upside down cupcake hahaha.

There are more prizes being added every day until V-Day, so keep coming back!!!! And don't forget to check out the 1L V-Day Dolly dresses at LVS! I ADORE these dresses and they come in a bunch of colors.

And even come with cute little wings!!!
There were also some soooo cool couple pose set things I found in packets but I didn't have a partner to pose with me to show you. Cry! Tell my hubby to buy us another computer so he can come on at the same time as me! LMAO.


Alasse said...

Which store has the cupcake shoes? Thanks in advance

sileny said...

Hi! It's the new Kawaii LVS store.