Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Tricketts

Stealing Prue's hair and making you listen to their music, even though they went real life shopping 'today' and were very dismayed at the lack of fitted black shirts and missed SL clothing terribly.
I seriously missed 2D clothing, every top is slouchy and all I wanted was smart and classic, baggy sliders would have been awesome too. I had to buy stuff from TopShop. |: I know they're basically the all same but TopShop screams "slave labour" louder... :/

It's another smart-dresy type dress. x: From Sam's Secret. Was free to group members but it's set out for 1L for a limited time at the shop. :3

Minor note: the glitch pants are shorts. I say this mostly in the hope of pursuading designers using or considering short glitch pants to keep glitch pants long so that your legs don't show through in poses / walking (kind of the point) and I weirdly use them so I know how long the dress is supposed to be sometimes. x:

Dress - Sam's Secret - Limited Time dollarbie (It was set at 10L when I went there, I think it's to be corrected as I'm sure the notice said 1L and the box says dollarbie. x: )

1 comment:

Prudence said...

I love when you sort of, go odd in weird tangents or rants about.. stuff.

More importantly, that hair is absolutely adorable on you.