Thursday, April 2, 2009

plz dun eat meh

Are you ready to go Loco, for some Choco? Easter has hit Loco Pocos in the most charming of ways; Their new hunt started yesterday. As usual, you grab the hud which can be found between the landing point and the shop, attach it, and run around the island searching for six golden eggs. When you find an egg, there will be a cute trick to getting it. For example, one of them you may have to hatch, another you may shoot! They are pretty easy to find, just look around the canopy of the island, the beach, and under it, everywhere basically!

Now, what on earth could be so charming about this hunt in particular? THE PRIZE!
You get the cutest tiny ever, a chocolate bunny! Have you ever seen the commercials about bitten chocola' bunnies and felt bad for them? Maybe that's just me, but now we can all be the chocola bunnies!

"A very grumpy Proo-Choco-Bun huggling her Katty Doll, warding off any chocola hungry fools. Time shows she's dealt with a munchy-monsterous being before!

"Here we see Proo-Choco-Bun relaxing in a tiny-sized bean bag from Sway's, with a look of shock after realizing she may have parked it a "hare" too close to the fire!"

"After abandoning her melty setting, Proo-Choco-Bun strapped on her tiny Napsack, and saught out on the island for more treats!"

Around the island while you are hunt, you may notice a load of tiny colorful eggs about. These are treats for your tiny! Katat0nik has some tiny-sized Katty Dolls about, also the color change hair seen above from PE is a gift, as well as a hairless version for the boy Tinies. The beanbag is a gift from Sways, and there is also a Flower chair from KT, a flying fairy pet, and more you just have to look for them! Happy Easter hunting!


Hempy Weezles said...

I love this post you look so cute :)

Prudence said...

Go do the hunt, and we can have a choco bunny party!