Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Return to AV

Just in case you missed AV the first couple of times, here it is again. x: And the group gift is very cute. :3

SoM gift, I'm fairly certain you can get this from the notices because I'm fairly certain I had capped IMs today. Woo.

Weekly dollarbie. It also comes with an undershirt if you'd prefer no clevage but I'm going to blame SL and it's fear of texture changing for not using it here. :3
The lucky boards have a matching lingere set and shoes, if you're more patient than I was today.
If you have even more time to kill their are two sets of lingere in the twenty minute camping chairs. :3

Purple Dress - AV - SoM Gift
Shoes - Digital Knickers - Freebie
Blue Gown - AV - Weekly Dollarbie

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