Friday, April 3, 2009

Drow Princess

Last night with many of you I wandered bleary eyed through Tekeli-li! I sooo wanted to get everything in the store but my L's were limited. I made out like a bandit none the less. I had to share the beauty with you all!

Outfit: "Inanna" by Tekeli-li Pictured is Jeweled Bikini top, Belt, Full Jewelery Set Hair : Tekeli-li "Eve" style Scripted hair style.
Ears: FREE Caverna Obscura drow ears plus earrings! Shape: I modified the shape, Skin will be revealed below.

Eyes: Free *Sakurako* New Color Eyes

Pictures Taken at The Nameless Isle


Now maybe you missed the Tekeli sale, maybe you didn't have the money to spend. I wanted to make sure I gave you another option in case you have the urge to explore your Drow side. This has been blogged before I'm sure but its worth another looksie there is allot to be had here at Monsoon. If you haven't been to Monsoon before you must have a look, and right by the door you will find this. Full Drow avatar Skin, Shape, eyes, hair, ears, outfit shoes jewelery ALL included. I modified the shape and used the skin in my pictures above but this picture below is the entire Avatar you will get. Oh did I mention its Trans! :)

Also look for this beautiful Wish Jar at Monsoon! Also Free and Trans.

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