Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

I can never find the right words for how much I adore RC Cluster, and how they reinvent RL things for SL. It's just so damn fun, and the chair is fully loaded with a bunch of things, some of which are just in time for Spring. And Spring cleaning! Stalk the chair for the following fabu items!

Mopping up the HQ. We know what you do when we aren't there!
(Transferable, Wren wants one!)

Dirty, dirty readers!
(Many many colors, with animation on/off option, and sound or soundless options.)

Get your fortune told after you win this awesome little set up. It comes with multiple accessories.

And lastly, for all of you haters, well you can all LICK IT.
(Transferable, and disgusting.)

There is also attachable Trash Bag props in the chair, and it's only a 10min timer, to grab some friends, have a chair party, and get to collecting your spring cleaning goodies.

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