Saturday, April 4, 2009

gimmie stuffs NAO

This morning when I woke up, through bleary eyes I read 'ALBERO HUNT'. *blinkblinkrub* OMGYES!I've been waiting since the QRI hunt awhile back which provided me with some of my favorite hair in my collection of hunts. So you start here at Albero.

you're looking for black boxes with numbers and passwords. Click the box, open the NC, c&p the password into another NC so you can keep everything organized. There are either 49 or 50 boxes, and right now 6,8,13,20,30,48 are not out so don't worry about those guys, for now.

Once you have allllll of the passwords, you'll notice there are wooden 'main store' signs infront of a lot of stores. The stores that have these and involved in the hunt. You'll click on the 'main store' sign and be transported to the main store, and then you're looking for a black box with numbers. When you find it, find the password that corresponds with the number on the box in the main store and say it while you're close to it. Mmmm prizes.

There are a pile of stores involed, from candy nail, to R2 shoes, both stores are amazing. The hunt is on until the 19th, so make sure to get it done!
moar stuffs.

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