Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vintage Sn@tch... Cherry Flavor!

Today Ivey from Snatch updated the RiotVend with this cute retro number called "Cherry Forever"! As you know I love me some retro and cherries are my favs. Gather enough of your friends and you can get the price down to 50L! Squeeee! I've paired it with Tarnished "Cherry Tap shoes and Legwarmers"!! Which were a group gift not available in notices anymore. There is also a new freebie available at Snatch called "Purple silk cocktail dress" you can find it near the lucky chairs, past the model stands.
Please appreciate the effort that goes into making these wonderful creations by being polite and courteous, its the least we can do for the generosity of people like Ivey Deschenel.

While your out rioting, stop by Fairy Tail and pick up these FREE cute polka dot hoop earrings! They are Scripted and have six color options. Just activate group tag to buy!
Outfit: Snatch RiotVent 50L includes top in 3 layers, pant/garter/undie multi layers,
skirt and 2 stockings I just LOVE all the options Ivey gives!! <33
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth "Kitten with a whip" Vampire Red.
Free group gift available in notices!
Skin: Splendor "Red lips" by Pixel Dust (Starlust hunt)
Cherry Skulls Necklace and Eyelashes worn
by Deviant Kitties Not Free.

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