Thursday, April 2, 2009

sugar rush

My favorite Allias is having a 1L sale at her shop Liquid Candy (formerly known as Skinzors) for 24 hours, we're about... six hours in I'd say at this point? So you should probably get a move on. This sale encompasses everything, including her skins and her new merch as well! Along with a new new name, she's rebuilt her store and it looks lovely, so while you're shopping in a rabid haze, make sure to take a moment to notice the pretty pretty surroundings.
She has a bunch of new jewelry too, all of it is ridiculously cute, and I can hardly stand it. I have a thing for delicate jewelry, the kinf that looks like it might fall apart if you look at it cross eyed. Her chains are fine and dainty, and covered in beautiful flowers and bows. Don't forget to check out her skins too. Um... I'm not wearing a Liquid Candy Skin.... cause I felt like *someone* should mention that Nomine is having a 100L sale on her Sylvan series before she deletes ALL OF THEM, so you might want to check that out too. But, if you want to get more infor about her beautimous skins, I did a big old write up in the beginning of March about Skinzors, before she changed the store name, here. She's still setting up shop, so you aren't going to find everything I blogged in the post in the store, but it will be back eventually.
oh... right, skin I'm wearing is Dita Red from Nomine in the soon to be discontinued Sylvan line.

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Dawn said...

What is that wonderful hair you're wearing in these photos please? :)