Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lucky Honey

Honey*Soul put a new prize in their lucky board- an adorable gray felt poncho with a bow on the collar and lace trimming. The board is only a 5 minute wait, which is even better.

You can take off the prim attachments and wear the sweater as a gorgeous simple basic piece, still fully detailed in texture and hemming.

Another "honey" store to stop by would be Cutie Honey, as Navina has done it again and given us even more adorable creations. This one of a kind outfit is a must have for not only how unique the design is but how adorable it is! The outfit comes with two bracelets, a scarf, the hat/hair, a holdable animated milk bottle, and a purse. The hat comes with the pigtails and is resizable for a snug fit, and the cow's eyes blink!
On the purse is another cute little cow who also blinks! While you are waiting for your chair, join Cutie Honey group and hop on the camp chair for a rideable bouncing New Years cow that matches this little guy.

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