Monday, December 15, 2008

Inara's Fantastic

Inara's Fantasty Couture has a whole pile of new sweat shop freebies. There are a pile of dresses, as well as special holiday edition Hogwart's uniforms, which are tooooooootally cute!

There are three different dresses available, this is the Snow gown. The gowns are a 30 minute camp for the whole dress. There is also a tartan dress, and a red dress trimmed with tinsel, I adore the corset on that one.

This is the reason I didn't get things posted sooner, I wanted to be able to show off the howart's uniforms as well, and I kept getting too busy to go do the camps. The hogwarts uni is a bit more difficult, it's 15 minutes per piece, that's sweater, shirt, skirt and socks and the order of the items can be somewhat random. I finally was able to get the whole outfit together this morning, so I finally felt I could make this post appropriately. Anyway, whether you're looking for a gown, or for a totally cute school uniform, head down to Inara's Fantasy Couture, there is a lot of nice stuff to be had.


Sileny said...

I have the Gryf uniform completed. Let's fight.

Wrenja said...

Its on.