Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Imagen, Red Queen, And RD

So three awesome things at once because my arthritis is acting up (26 years old with arthritis...totally sucks).

First off, free skin at Imagen that just blew me away. In a red box by the entrance. I don't care that it is red and green, I am wearing this sucker all year.

Second off is the sale at Reasonable Desires on lingerie. Everything is transferable and under fact, most is under 150L and a ton of it under 100L to begin with, plus the sale gives you an additional 25% off! Just make sure to pay with your group tag activated. All the following photos feature lingerie from RD, plus I have a billion more things I couldn't fit in this post. The picture of me on the wish list post features RD lingerie too!

Third, the hair in these pictures is a group gift from the Red Queen update group. I have not seen hair this fresh in a while, and the quality is awesome. Here's to creativity!

OK, so get your hair, your undies, and your skin and rock some man's world! Or lady's for that matter! WEEEEE!

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