Saturday, December 27, 2008


In the middle of sorting through the aftermath of the holiday season, my good friend Hempy TP'd me to flip a chair for her over at DV8. I take blind TP's and flip anything really, and to my finding they were two chairs stock full of awesome cyberpunk/cybergoth hair styles. I'm not well seasoned in SL, and haven't been to DV8 before this, but it's worth another trip! So far I have three of the many hairs from the two chairs at DV8. The chair is on a 30 minute timer, so either bring a good book, or a group of friends!

Here I am imitating the reaction Wren verbally had to the hair, she fell over and died out of sheer love for this hair. The ribbons in the hair are color change (with a huge list of possible colors! This one is Steelblue), and have glow on/off options.
+DV8+ Elektra Cyberfalls - Hot Pink

Here we have me smugly showing off a shorter bubblegum pink pigtail style from the chair, with the ribbons in red. Once again with color change and glow options.
+DV8+ Io Cyberfalls - Bubblegum

And lastly, the thrid hair I got are these cute steampunk pigtails, with gears as the hair holders! Also, this one is for all of the haters, you can all kiss it. +DV8+ Steampunk Europa - Sunlight

The earrings in all three photos are Kosh's present for December 25th, which happens to be out still as of 30 minutes ago, so if you missed out get them while you can. They come in hot pink too, and with a bed, and some other goodies.

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