Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sanu Surprises!

Everyone's newest most favorite Jeweler, Sanu, has a lot going on right now! First up lets take a look at the pretty collar in her lucky chair.Frostbite Necklace - Lucky Chair Exclusive

There is also a whole WALL of freebies, including these bunny slippers, there is also a box of special Christmas edition pens that you wear around your neck, when your friends click on it, they she a skin layer that makes it look like you drew all over yourself in 5th period English.

On top of that, Sanu is hosting a hunt over her four shops scattered around the grid. There are cust little shoulder bunnies, and jewelry yaaaay!Shoulder Bunny - Hunt prize

Finally, you can find this adorable set in the freebie forest at Hotel Dare, among other hot things, like the milk motion skin that every other blog in the world is covering.Twinkle Jewelry set - Hotel Dare Exclusive

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