Friday, December 19, 2008

A Bunch of Random Goodies!

My baby is getting that look on her face that says 'Must nap soon or I will scream" so I am going to combine these things in one big quick post!!

First off join Rockberry group and check notices to get this skin and head to Junwave to get this hair for freeeee:

Next, Violet Voltaire is having a 50% off sale! kick butt goodness! Here are 2 of my fave things from VV:

OK now go to Whimsy and join the subscribo and check history to get this skin. PLEASE FILL OUT THE NOTE CARD THAT COMES WITH IT AND RETURN IT!!! The hair is an item camp from Hair Solutions (looks way better and floofier in person). Hair Solutions is also having a 50% off sale.

Finally, go to Little Fish and get this outfit which is only free for 2 days!!!!

There are also other freebies there too, such as two dresses, tights, and these so gorgeous shoes (I have ones like them in RL and LOVE them):

OK..go a shopping.

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