Monday, December 29, 2008

Two S's

Today I bring you this week's goodies from Sn@tch, as well as a gift Eden tipped me off on at SWA.

First up the Riot Vendor dress from Sn@tch...this is only 50L if you can get enough people down there. Wear as lag-free clothing as you can!!

Second at Sn@tch we have this oh so lovely booty shorts and cropped top set for 0L!! Available near the riot vendor. I feel hoochie-tastic!

Then if you go to the exact slurl i give you at SWA you can get this dress for free just by saying in local chat "I luv SWA". You can wear it plain or with one of the many jackets that comes with the set.

Also at SWA is a POE hunt globe (ends on the 31st!!) and this dress is inside it.

OK, have fun luvies.

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