Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marianela and Tuli

SO, one time someone told me about free skins in the Marianela update group and I loved them and posted them and have not left the group since. Well, i am glad I stayed because they are one of the few skin stores that look good on my alt Xonx and they have given out a beautiful skin for free.

The red lips are just yum to me. Join the group to get the skin, but also go check out the store because they still have that awesome skin in the lucky chair you may have heard about in the past.

And if you have not joined Tuli update group yet..well, you are either A. dumb or B. broke. Fortunately someone gave me 250L join fee one time when I was option B, so i got to join. I have a tiny bit more Ls now (50% off gift card sale made me go woooooot!) and i still get excited for the freebies. The group gift is this really cool hair w/attached Santa hat. I will be wearing this all Christmas day for sure. The red pixie cut option if my fave <3

OK, lurve you all.

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