Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gibberish Gifts

While browsing OnRez for a nice gift for my boss I came across some nice shoes at a store called Gbberish. They were totally hot. So i thought, I'll go to the inworld store and check them out. I joined the group just to check it out to discover that there were gifts in the store. Yay!

This rose top is free for all! Check out the cute prim ties in back. The hat is a gift for group members only..and you have to find it! Join the group for directions.

The rose ring and scarf are free gifts for all as well at the main store. The hat is the other part of the hidden gift. The tights are a group only gift at the London location only. Activate your group title and touch the gift bag to receive.

I really recommend exploring this stuff. The items are beautiful and high quality. The store itself is even pretty. AND they even have some men's stuff.

The sparkle dress worn in the second picture is free from Kaosome and totally cute.

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