Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Bunking around the Digital Hollywood sim I came upon quite possibly the cutest little pet shop on the grid, *M*, and EVERYTHING is totally affordable, and ridiculously cute. On top of that, there is a mini hunt going on in the store, the prizes? Why, these two charming little Chihuahuas, Zar star, I'm looking at you! (which one will be Toggle? xD )

On top of that, there is a lucky board! Its on a three minute timer, so the wait isn't horrible, and inside are four awesome prizes, first up there is a cuuuuute christmas bunny set.
Bunnies aren't your thing? Well, obviously hamsters are then. Who could resist these little guys, ugh I die xO soooooo cute.
Whats that? A kitty has taken up residence on my head? Well, he can sleep on your head too! cause he's in the lucky board as well. The best part about these pets? They are transferable! Easy gifts! Ugh I love them all. Go! Go to *M* now! You can not resist the cuteness. Don't even try.


Anonymous said...

the lighter colored one is professor toggle!
does this mean i'm on yard duty clean up?

Wrenja said...

Quite possibly!