Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Baby, Light Up My Holiday.

After witnessing the ever adorable Ding gush over the Paper Couture gown on Black Swan sim, I suggested she voice her wish list to her readers despite any negative feedback that could occur, because as I said, haters do make you fabulous! So, the L/Hers decided we too are fucking fabulous and going to spite the haters with our own wish lists!

Wrenja's Wish List!
  • Sin Decade Auri expanded paintbox fat pack (Tinge 1)
  • [T.KING] Steampunk Badlands Terra-Tank v2.1 mono release 3
  • Amerie's Naughty Vampire Coats in Black and Red
  • Silent Sparrow Maida in snow and candy
  • storm shmooz over the knee boots in black and silver
  • House of Munster hair Fluffeh - black
  • Bandit's Diamond party ring (the one that looks like a dandelion)
  • CSR cards! (I need nine >.>)
  • Instinct's floral wall lamp
  • Black Swan edition Lazy Places Cloven boots
  • Katat0nik's snow bunny set in pink, hell, just about anything from katat0nik really.
  • Canimal GCs
  • Pink, blue, or purple glass bird chair from schadenfreude

Sileny's Wish List!
  • Anything from Curio Obscura
  • Food Couture dresses from Lurvebite
  • Mortado dress or Snow Bunny dress from Katat0nik
  • Shaveable sheep and/or "timid animal" defecating sheep from Vooner
  • Burlesque boots from Ztique
  • Minajunk, MiaSnow, and M&R Cupcakes skins
  • Soap and/or strawberry backpacks from rebel X
  • Hair from Zero Style, sixty-nine, shop seu, Deviant Kitties
  • A little doggy like wenja has from A.I.F. pets. But not the same color, I want the choco one
  • "Wonder Bed" from Paper Street Soap Company
  • Cyber Angel Earrings from LittleGirl
  • The prim nails with the donuts on them at Love Soul
  • Cereal bowl and watermelon seesaw from cutie honey

Prudence's Wish List!
  • LeeZu Baxter Design Gift Card
  • Maitreya Gift Card
  • Dutch Touch Gift Card
  • Ce Cubic Effect; Knit, Bulky Knit, Bulky Knit 2, Alf Coat, Suede Half Coat, Tunic D5. (IluhyouCeCubic.)
  • The Drawmachine overknee boots (black)
  • League; Asuke Boots and Outfit
  • Moon Swing thing from Cutie Honey
  • UBU Pornstars
  • CSR Cards (I only need 6!)
  • Surprises. ♥
  • SCRATCH EVERYTHING. I want Schoos, every fucking color. ESP white tiger.)

Everyone has a wish list, what is yours?

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