Thursday, December 18, 2008


Its not enough that Katat0nik is showering us with fabulous 25L dresses, but if you're in the group (spend 250L in the store and wait roughly a week for your invite) you can get these fabu boots too!

She just dropped them tonight, and probably one of the best things about them, other than being totally cute, is that the bows are color change, allllll sorts of colors to choose from.

Sileny and I couldn't resist matching them up with the newest 25L dress under the Axis Mundi Tree. The frozen strawberry? Well, honestly you SHOULD know about the strawberry, I blogged it last week, but in case you missed it, this sucker is only 25L under the Axis Mundi Tree as well.

We also wanted to show off the dress itself a bit more, some of the ways you can wear it, so cute! But Sileny better be careful, or she might end up with snow in her mouth... or a fly. :O

<3 u xD

For now, I'll just stand around at Wrong, in front of the tree that doesn't have the gift for today, just to aggrevate people :D

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