Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stringer Skins

Stringer Mausoleum has skins on sale for 10L-50L. Also, in the subscribo there are these four fabulous colorful skins. They could be amazingly great for role play.
Click on the photo to make it bigger and see all the super coolness.

Join the Stringer's Followers group for more daily goodies. There are also freebies, sales, and hunty goodies all over the Stringer store, so check it out.

P.S.-totally realized I forgot to make a slurl. I am an idiot. Will post it when I can log on again later. Until then use search for the store, hope it works out!

P.P.S.-there is a slurl now, no worries. it better be right too XD

UPDATE: Apparently you can't get these again through the hippogroup. You can join the Stringer's Followers group by making a purchase and sending a note card to Helena Stringer if you want to check and see if they are in that group's notices.

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