Tuesday, December 16, 2008


OK, so apparently everyone on earth but me knew about all the dollarbie goodness at SkinSane. But I don't care I am going to show you the goodies anyway. They rock.

First off, the two corsets. The red and green one is a dollarbie available at the store for 1L. The grey one is in the group notices. The skin I am wearing is a dollarbie too and I can't take it off because I love it so much. You will be seeing more of it I am sure haha.

Second, Christmas dollarbie skin. The ribbons are indeed part of the skin...but the "vajayjay" is still exposed so if you want to do the wild thing there is no interference LMAO.

Third is the dollarbie winter skin. So pretty!

All the eyes in the pictures are available at the store too. I bought the fat pack for 75L and love them.

The prim nails are a freebie from Alli&Ali

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