Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sugar Mama!

The lovely owner of Sugar Mama's Fashion bakery let me know of a 1L sale going on for two of her outfits today!

First is the Candy Cane outfit, which even comes with the cute drinkable hot chocolate!

Second we have the candy ropes outfit, which includes the cupcake mouth toast...what is it about mouth foods in SL that just makes me swoon?

There are also many freebies hanging around, such as this Santa hat w/cupcake instead of the normal fuzzball, the Betty Page Christmas T-Shirt:

The crazy sprinkley cupcake hat, the cupcake with eating animation, and the Sugar Mama T-Shirt (I don't usually wear logo shirts, but this one is great!):

And there is a sale going on too, so all the other outfits are only around 50L. And feel free to play on the giant toasts while you are there!!

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